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Old buildings, ruins, ancient temples and palaces. Echoes of memories, the shadows of lost loves. There were images clinging to walls. Sounds followed us down corridors. Doorways opened onto musty rooms. Stairs led nowhere. We walked, Jacqueline and I--her heels clicking loudly on the tile floors--like restless ghosts, searching for the images which follow.

This is a kind of visual-essay: photos and videos arranged in their own peculiar sequences. Click the button below to begin. Each page includes a video and, to the side, links to photos. All the images are from the hotel or its environs, in the Mexican city of Guanajuato. The woman, of course, is Jacqueline, the photos taken at various times and various places, including in the passages and rooms of the hotel, where we spent two entrancing nights....
                              --D.N. Stuefloten