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Much of my life has been spent wandering around the world. I have been a dynamiter in Australia, the manager of a mining company in Borneo, a magician's assistent in Africa. I've lived with Moro pirates in the Sulu Sea, smuggled booze in India, canoed jungle rivers in Central America. During this time I have written eleven novels and perhaps a hundred short stories, many of which were actually published. Much of this work can be found here, at this website. Life and love and art, I've always believed, are explorations. I have decided to write my autobiography. Partly this is because my life has been odd, and thus perhaps of some interest; but also because I would like to explore the significance—or lack of significance—of this life. Text will appear sporadically over the next several months and even next few years. Perhaps it will never be finished. I expect this work to be episodic, non-linear. Eventually I may publish it as an e-book, or perhaps just here on the web as a pdf or sequence of html pages. I can continue adding to it until the day I die. The form this work takes will be a kind of exploration too. At the moment, episodes will be listed in the next column. The third column will be collections of images, old photos, sketches, along with some text. All this may change at an moment. But here, at least, one can start.


Continental Drift
The black whore of Mombasa

The Dead
They are with us forever
the dead

The Execution
Death by Moro

Mexico Dreams
Some dreams are crazy
mex dreams


Marie Magdalena
My mother steers her ship

Martin Stuefloten
My father and his life
Martin Stuefloten

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