The Ethiopian Exhibition

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While World War II rages in Europe, John Twelve climbs onto a four-cylinder motorcycle and crosses Ethiopia, searching for truth, for beauty, for mystery. At the same time, a modern American girl strolls the streets of Puerto Vallarta, where she is accosted by a film director—actually Ahmed, an Ethiopian murderer. He is making a film, he explains, about a man crossing the Ethiopian desert on a motorcycle. The girl accepts a starring role—and with this embarks on an adventure that takes her beyond the limits of ordinary reality...

   Ethiopia was written in an abandoned house in a coconut grove, next to the ocean, in southern Mexico. Where else would you find the bejeweled, hyena-faced, 3,000 year old Queen of Sheba? or Prester John, the legendary King of Ethiopia? or a demented Haile Selassie, the Conquering Lion of Judah, playing with his pretty princesses? The American girl, now called Dominique, watches in amazement and alarm as the world reveals a reality that is both oddly charmingand oddly disquieting.

Ethiopia was also published as a part of Mexico Trilogy.




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