Evidence of a Lost City

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An aging man descends, every night, into a dream city. In this city he is young again. He is an explorer, a wanderer, an artist, a lover... Evidence of a Lost City is a cascade of words and images, of dreams and realities—the ramshackle palaces, back alleys, and forlorn streets of a man’s soul. It is a life spent crossing the deserts of Australia, working in the jungles of Borneo, acting in an abandoned theatre on the Amazon, living in a house of ill repute in Tijuana. It is a story that is beautiful, mysterious, and disturbing...

   Etvidence is my first novel in more than ten years, and the first to be written entirely in the small town I grew up inand, in fact, written in the house my father built when I was a child. Perhaps because of this, the novel feels like a long, thoughtful look backward, reflecting on a life lived often on the extremes...




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