Mexico Dreams


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An artist searches for his muse...and discovers the Hag. She is a woman beautiful and ugly, ancient and forever youthful. She inspires, and destroys. She brings great blessings, the gifts of poetry, the joys of art and love. And she ravages, with an unfathomable cruelty, everyone she touches. In this strange and beautiful novel, an artist searches for her. Along the way he finds women he loves, and women he hates. They crawl through the mud in the jungles of Mexico, wearing stockings and stilettos. They hang from crosses, nearly naked. He follows them through ruined buildings as they stroll, arm in arm, in corsets and very high heels, sheathed in nylon, perfumed and enlaced. They dance in empty rooms. We are, they say, just as perverse as you...and they smile, wickedly beautiful.  .

   Hag is the final book of my Lola Trilogy, which includes Orifice and Autobiograpy of a Wanderer. The novel is illustrated with 161 photos. It is also a full length movie, which is available for viewing at the Hag's own website:, where you will find more information and many video extras.


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