Jacaranda: The Lost Photos
E-book: $3.99
back: $29.99

“One day I found a box of old photographs.” The photographs are all of a beautiful and strangely sexy woman. The narrator takes them home, and begins a voyage of discovery. 
   The story is built around these found photos, ninety-three of them. Who is this woman? Who was the photographer? She strolls through a Mexican railroad station, and crawls, naked except for her stockings and high-heeled shoes, in the mud next to an adobe wall. She poses on stone steps in the mountains of Michoacan. She is a shadowy figure hidden behind black lace. She is the star of the Midnight Rodeo. She is a dancer, a lover…a mystery eager to be explored...

   Jacaranda: the Lost Photos is my first attempt at designing a novel specifically for the Kindle and other tablets. My previous novels — though hardly conventional — were published either in trade paperback/hardback or as straightforward e-books. For Jacaranda, I wanted dozens of photographs mixed with short blocks of text. The words evoke, rather than explain. The narrator is himself a mystery. And each chapter concludes with an internet link: you can segue from the tablet to pages of videos, slide shows, and more text, often leading into unexpected destinations. These pages are ephemeral, and change over time. The story can expand, shift, evaporate.
   The paperback version contains the internet links too, but of course you will have to type them into a computer or tablet or phone to make them work.


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Text and photos copyright D.N. Stuefloten.
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