The Wilderness


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A city of decaying buildings, mysterious passageways, secret rooms—and a man, lost in the maze of his own creation, searching for his love...

   Early in 1977, I flew with my bicycle—an old French Follis—to Tahiti. This began a two-month foray across the Pacific, to Samoa, Western Samoa, and then Fiji. I slept in a hammock strung between trees. I wandered along mud roads, through rain and tropical sunshine. I sailed around islands on a copra boat. I caught—and survived—malaria. Finally I went on to Adelaide, Australia, where my dreams became filled with images of despair. A series of characters appeared and reappeared: the Fat Man, a sick boy, a strangely beautiful woman. When the despair threatened to overwhelm me, I decided to turn my dreams into a novel. The result is Metropolis, my fifth novel, which followed my dreams over a period of about nine months.
    Metropolis remains one of my favorite works, perhaps because it seems so personal. I have finally published it, after many years. The imagery in this work intrigues me. I am contemplating publishing an illustrated edition some day, or perhaps turning it into another movie...


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