Mexico Dreams



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A solitary traveler beaches his sailboat on an island off the coast of Central America. He meets a wealthy American family—and is drawn into a morass of guilts and desires, both theirs and his own...

   Mofa was my second novel, begun in Costa Rica in about 1968 and finished in California. It drew extensively on the year and a half I spent in Central America. It was my intention to write about sexual repression—to create a sense of strangled desire, truncated passion. I was fascinated by the contrast between the cacaphonous life in the tropics and the rather chilled atmosphere I'd seen in the U.S. After I wrote the book, I sent it to a well-known agent. He sent me a two and a half page letter in response. "Books like this," he told me, "should never be written, and if they are written, they should never be published."


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