Aguascalientes, in central Mexico, was once an important railroad town. The great steam engines were repaired in giant workshops. Some years ago the station--el estacion del ferrocarril--was turned into a museum. Jacqueline and I went there for a series of pictures, a kind of requiem. It was our first photo session, not long after we met. She wore a tight black skirt and RHT stockings--glossy, sombre, sleekly erotic. She strolled alongside the tracks in her spike heels. I put a veil over her face. She looked mysteriously sexy. A matronly woman complained to a guard: Theyre taking pornographic pictures! she cried. The guard examined the pictures in my (early, primitive) digital camera, winked at us, and wandered back to his duties. The woman, like a pouting pigeon with ruffled feathers, stalked off. Jacqueline and I shot our first video there, too, built around a kind of dirge: "There are no trains--no trains!--in the ferrocarril!" (You can see the video here.) Jacqueline stretched out her legs, adjusted her stockings. It was a glorious day.




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