Guanajuato is a classic Colonial city in central Mexico. Not long after we met, Jacqueline and I traveled there. We stayed in the Casa Kloster, a charming backpacker's hotel near the center of town. Jacqueline strolled through the plaza in a tight beige skirt, a white silk blouse (with a few buttons undone), and torn RHT stockings. It was an exercise in pushing, gently, at the limits of propriety. Art, I believe, must always push against limits, sometimes gently, often fiercely. This pushing against limits occurs not just in front of the camera, or on a written page, but in life. It is not a mindless rebellion, but an artistic one. We must always move towards the edge, I tell people. It is at the edge, the edge of reality, the edge of possibility, the edge of permissibility, that art can occur. Back in our hotel room, we practiced some more....




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