Yasmeen lives in a house that, from outside, seems rather conventional—a stucco house on a street full of stucco homes. Pass through the door, however, and you enter a Hindu temple. It is here that she lounges, most evenings, like a Hindu goddess herself, among ornate rugs, draped fabrics, and paintings of her holy predecessors. She is a goddess both modern and ancient, of course, and we find her in seamed stockings, silk slips, and high-heeled shoes, with kohl-darkened eyes and vivid lipstick. We can imagine her dreaming there of sacred passions, surrounded by her whispering acolytes. Or perhapsthis is the more modern versionsurrounded by artists and philosophers who draw from her their inspirations....

See also The Queen of Las Vegas, a novel I wrote about her, and Kali, an illustrated story.


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June 15, 2015  9:32 AM
Richard Yniguez

Within those ornate stucco walls is a calm, sensual place for the artist in you to flourish and create. A freedom not easily found  in today's fast paced get nowhere society. It's the work that becomes important and all consuming, congrats! RY