Photos and videos

The sanding has begun...

Sanded Legs Sanded 02

sanded shoes 01 shoes 02


My other sculptures--the Room of the Muses, the Masks, the Mud Women--were created some years ago. This hallway is something new. I started it last summer. I want to do something a bit different. The figures in the Muse Room, for instance, are static: I wanted them to have the kind of formal poses that you see in ancient statues.The figures in this hallway, however, I want to seem dynamic, as though they are caught in the midst of movement. The women are all wearing ballet heels, which strike me as animalistic, and their legs become snakes and breasts, coiling about the walls and ceiling. As they progress I will begin sanding them, adding color, and then wax, to give them a gloss. I shall record the process here.....

Hall Figure