Viktoria Xi bought the old factory many years ago. The previous owner had already started converting the buidling into lofts. Viktoria halted the process. She did not wish to be a landlord, and she liked the building as it was, filled with the past. An artist had already leased one section on the second floor. Viktoria allowed him to remain: she liked artists. She took the top floor as her home. It was divided into three sections. One section had a long domed roof—it essentially took up half of the floor—and she left it as it was. Another section she used as her apartment: a large open space with her bed to one side, an alcove for a small kitchen, a good-sized bathroom. All of it, of course, quite individualized, and filled with her collection of art. The third section she called her "performance space." We will describe it another time. For these pictures, our first session after the face shots, we stayed beneath the domed roof. I had brought my own quartz lights, though I used them sparingly. Both of us preferred the shadows.